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A Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney on Disability and Addiction

Posted on :February 27, 2015Byjpadmin

Doctor Discussing Medicine in His Clinic With a Patient Los Angeles Social Security Disability AttorneyChronic alcohol or drug addiction, which is characterized by most medical professionals as a disease, makes it all but impossible to maintain employment. However, the fact that you cannot work due to a physical or mental condition does not necessarily mean that the Social Security Administration will find you disabled.

The SSA’s Sequential Process

Any claimant who applies for disability will be evaluated by a process that involves a determination of whether he or she is capable of substantial gainful activity, the severity and duration of the claimed impairment, and the ability to perform past work or any other work. If you are found not disabled at any point and your case is denied, you should explore your options for an appeal with a Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney. If you are found disabled and you are claiming an addiction as well, the SSA will conduct another step.

Contributing Factor Material to the Determination of Disability

Simply stated, the SSA will not find you disabled based on a drug or alcohol addiction alone. If it determines that if you stopped using you would be able to work, you will not be granted disability benefits.

Substance Addiction Disorders

The SSA does recognize, however, that long term substance abuse can cause physical and mental disorders that will not go away merely from abstaining. The changes to the body may become permanent.

Medical Evidence Required

All disability cases require solid medical evidence. Your statement alone as to an addiction problem is not enough. Your substance abuse disorder and the inability to reverse the affects must be proved to the SSA through the submission of records of treating physicians, diagnostic tests, and all treatments and medications received.

Contact a Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney for Legal Advice

The SSA has a very precise method for determining disability. For a clear understanding how best to present the evidence in your case or to discuss your options if you have been denied, call Lowenstein Disability Lawyers, a Law Corporation and Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney group, at (800) 954-7752.

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