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Who Will Be at Your Hearing?

A Los Angeles Disability Attorney Explains Who Will Be At Your Hearing

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Social Security disability hearings are typically informal as compared to a traditional courtroom trial. Where your hearing will be held, how the hearing will be conducted and the people who will be present at your hearing are more relaxed than a trial in a courtroom. But regardless of the informality of a Social Security disability hearing, you will still need to consult and get the assistance of a Los Angeles Disability Attorney to help you prepare for your hearing and answer any questions you may have.

People Present at the Disability Hearing

Social Security disability hearings are administered by an administrative law judge (ALJ). At the hearing, the ALJ will also have an assistance present who will help with various aspects of the hearing. You and your lawyer will also be sitting around a conference table in the small disability hearing room, along with any other witnesses or vocational or medical experts who may be requested by either the ALJ and/or your lawyer. Observers will not be permitted at the administrative hearing unless both you and the ALJ have granted them permission.

In certain situations, the ALJ will not allow witnesses or experts to be present in the hearing room until it is their turn to give their testimony. The reasoning for this decision is that (1) it may make the witness’s testimony more credible, and (2) it may prevent you and other witnesses or experts from becoming upset or unable to freely speak, especially if your disability involves a mental impairment.

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