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Good Cause for Late Appeals

Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer Explains Good Cause for Filing a Late Disability Appeal

Los Angeles Social Security LawyerThere are certain regulations imposed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that every Social Security disability claimant must abide by, as your Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer will explain. Of these, the most important are deadlines, especially those for appealing denial notices of disability applications. If your Social Security disability application was denied, the SSA will allow you 60 days from the date of the denial notice to file an appeal. If you missed the deadline the SSA may grant you an extension to file an appeal provided that you or your Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer can demonstrate good cause. The first in requesting an extension for the 60-day deadline to appeal disability denials is for your lawyer to prepare a detailed letter explaining the reason for why your appeal was late. Your attorney may even need to submit an affidavit or provide other proof of evidence depending on your reasoning.

What Constitutes Good Cause?

The SSA will extend the appeal deadlines for claimants who can show “good cause.” In accordance with its regulations, the SSA will take into consideration certain circumstances that may have prevented you from appealing on time. Some factors that the SSA will look at in determining whether you have good cause for your late appeal include:

  • Your physical, mental, educational, and language limitations that may have prevented you from understanding that there was a deadline to appeal
  • Whether the SSA provided you with clear information as to when and how you should appeal your denial
  • Did something extraordinary happen that prevented you from filing a timely appeal, such as a fire or flood

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If you missed the deadline to appeal the denial of your Social Security disability benefits, you should consult an experienced Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer to see whether you have good cause to get an extension and not have to start the application process all over again. To schedule a complimentary consultation with Los Angeles disability attorney Janna Lowenstein, please submit the short form to your right.

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