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Witness Testimony at a Disability Hearing

Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyer on Witness Testimony at a Disability Hearing

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Your Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyer will tell you, you should always have at least one additional witness at your Social Security disability hearing to testify after you and to answer questions from your Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyer. Additional witnesses can bolster the substance and reinforce the credibility of your own testimony and also provide further information about your disability and medical condition.

Once your own testimony and the testimony of additional witnesses you bring have been presented, any doctor, vocational expert or other party called as a witness by the judge will also testify.

Finally, after all testimony has been given, the judge may ask if you or your attorney would like to make a final statement. This is where an experienced Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyer becomes invaluable, as most judges will let your attorney make either a written or oral closing argument.

Some judges will then issue a “bench decision” on your disability claim right at the hearing, though most will wait until later. Either way, the judge has to issue his or her decision in writing and send it to you, with a copy to your lawyer, by United States Mail. If the judge has issued a bench decision at the hearing, you will receive it after just a few days. If the judge prefers to wait, it will take a while longer.

When you have a Social Security disability claim to present to a judge, let an experienced Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyer from Lowenstein Disability Lawyers help you make your case persuasively and effectively. Call today for a free claim evaluation, or fill out the form on this page.

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