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Our Antelope Valley Social Security Attorney Discusses Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

Posted on :January 13, 2015Byjpadmin

Scale on White Antelope Valley Social Security AttorneyDisability claims can be very complicated and difficult to prove. Among the most problematic are those involving a claimant who has a documented substance abuse disorder. If this is true for you, it may well be in your best interests to work with an Antelope Valley Social Security attorney.

Prejudice of the Adjudicator

Among the most difficult issues you may have to face if you are an addict or alcoholic is that of prejudice on the part of the adjudicator. The person determining whether to accept or deny your claim may feel, as many people do, that addicts are weak-willed. That said, it is unwise to be dishonest if you do have an addiction problem. Lying in your claim can make it more difficult for your Antelope Valley Social Security attorney to help you should you need to appeal.

Separating Addiction from Other Impairments

It can also be very difficult for the adjudicator to distinguish the limitations that another mental impairment places on you from those caused by addiction. Indeed, the Social Security Administration policy is that when disentangling the two is not possible, the adjudicator is to impose a finding of “not material.”

Perhaps your best chance at having your disability claim approved will come after a period of sobriety. By ceasing use of alcohol and drugs you can rid yourself of the complications addiction brings to your claim. Needless to say, it also will be better for your health.

An Antelope Valley Social Security Attorney May Be Able to Help

If you have become disabled and cannot work, abuse of drugs or alcohol can make it difficult to be approved for disability. An Antelope Valley Social Security attorney may be able to help. Call Lowenstein Disability Lawyers, A Law Corporation, at (800) 954-7752 to arrange an initial consultation.

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