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Antelope Valley Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Benefits and Unemployment

Posted on :May 19, 2015Byjpadmin

Antelope Valley Social Security Disability Attorney money and SSD cardWhile Social Security disability benefits and unemployment compensation benefits seem like benefits that you could receive at the same time, just from different sources, your individual circumstances might disqualify you from receiving both. Our Antelope Valley Social Security disability attorney will discuss factors with you, such as the onset date of your disability, and what types of work you are capable of performing, which will help you understand your eligibility.

The Primary Factor Is Your Onset Date

Your onset date is the date the Social Security Administration deems you disabled. By deeming you disabled, you are essentially stating that you cannot work. Sometimes the onset date that is used in your original application for Social Security disability is also the date that you were laid off from work.

The date you were laid off from work is most likely the date you started getting unemployment compensation benefits from your federal or state agency. One of the criteria for collecting unemployment compensation benefits is that you are “ready, willing and able” to work.

There is therefore an apparent conflict between claiming that you are entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration while telling another government program that you are able to work. This conflict makes it hard, though not necessarily impossible, to claim benefits from both programs.

How Do You Proceed?

Our Antelope Valley Social Security disability attorney will discuss with you whether a later onset date would be accurate. You should carefully consider the facts leading up to your layoff as well as your physical limitations before making any amendments to the onset date.

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