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Our Disability Attorney Los Angeles Discusses the Importance of Describing Your Physical Symptoms in a SSA Hearing

Posted on :April 23, 2015Byjpadmin

Disability Attorney Los AngelesOur Los Angeles disability attorneys understand that many individuals who are applying for disability benefits may not have a particular disease or other medical condition that they can use as a definitive reason for filing a claim. Actually, many people find themselves unable to continue working because of how they feel. A claim for disability benefits is really a claim that you cannot perform properly at work, and not just a medical disability claim. The primary concern of the administrative law judge conducting the hearing is whether or not you can work. The medical information is basically supportive of the claim of inability to maintain substantive gainful employment. However, cases are often won when the applicant accurately communicates their symptoms to the ALJ. Our disability attorney Los Angeles can help prepare you for a claim of this type.

Disabling Symptoms

Symptoms can often be an indication of an underlying medical problem, including mental and emotional problems. Depression and bipolarity are valid disorders that justify a disability approval when the symptoms are so severe they impede your ability to work. The rules of determining a disability also include the ability to continually stand or sit in a particular position while performing job duties, regardless of a disability. Many physical symptoms can create this inability. Your disability attorney Los Angeles will explain how to express your symptoms accurately to the ALJ during a hearing.

Exaggerated Pain Claims

Many times symptoms of a disease or illness will also include pain. It is always a good idea to keep a daily journal that indicates how much pain you feel and when or where it is felt. Exaggerated pain testimony can make the ALJ curious about how you even made it to the hearing. However, with a log of symptoms that impair your ability to work, it can express to the judge that you are serious about determining what the actual root of the problem.

Requests for Medical Evaluation

Many times a SSA judge will make arrangements to send a claimant to a standard administration physician who can perform medical evaluations and tests in an effort to see if there is an underlying cause. Your disability attorney Los Angeles may have similar requests to see doctors they have previously worked with because the SSA doctors are normally looking for a competing medical opinion that can justify a claim denial. But, it is still very important to be as convincing as possible when describing symptoms to the judge, who can then compare the problematic symptoms to a disorder that is actually listed as a known disabling conditions.

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