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Disability Attorney Los Angeles on Diabetes Mellitus and Social Security

Posted on :May 14, 2015Byjpadmin

application Disability Attorney Los Angeles When a disability attorney Los Angeles at Lowenstein Disability Lawyers discusses diabetes mellitus with their clients, they explain several things regarding the claim. Diabetes may be the basis for your disability claim, but it needs to be severe enough that it will meet the Social Security Administration’s listing. Here is what your disability attorney Los Angeles believes you need to know about applying for disability benefits based on your diabetes mellitus diagnosis.

Claim Evaluation

Your diabetes-based claim will be evaluated by Social Security to determine if your disease is severe. A diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, with its potential to affect many parts of the body, must still be very severe before you will be approved. You will also need to prove that it renders you unable to work at your former job or at any job given your age, experience level and education.

How to Meet a Listing

Meeting a listing for the disease will necessitate your proving you have one of three conditions. The first is neuropathy in at least two of your extremities that is so severe you have trouble walking, standing or moving. The second is acidosis, which requires hospitalization every 1 to 2 months. The third is retinitis proliferans, which has caused a significant loss of vision. If you do not have these, you may still be determined to be disabled if you have two or more other complications that are severe enough to warrant your approval.

How to Prove You Are Unable to Work

You may also prove that your diabetes is so severe it prevents you from working. In order to prove this, you will need to get a complete list of your symptoms from your doctor. You should keep a journal in which you note when your symptoms occur, their severity and their duration.

Contact a Disability Attorney LosAngeles

You will likely need a lawyer’s help to increase the likelihood of your disability application’s success. To contact a disability attorney Los Angeles at Lowenstein Disability Lawyers, A Law Corporation, call (800) 954-7752.

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