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A Disability Attorney in Los Angeles Explains Using Experts in Your Disability Case

Posted on :March 11, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

disability attorney in Los AngelesIf you have filed a claim with the Social Security Administration, a disability attorney in Los Angeles advises that an important factor in the outcome of your case depends on the testimony of experts.

Types of Experts

There are two types of experts in a common disability case, according to a disability lawyer in Los Angeles:

  • Medical experts (MEs)
  • Vocational experts (VEs)

These experts can testify either in person, via video teleconference or, at times, by phone.

Medical Experts

MEs testify in fewer than 20 percent of all cases. These experts are supposed to be neutral, although a disability attorney in Los Angeles warns that, if a particular ME testifies in many cases for the same insurance company, that person is likely to not offer support to your claim. However, if you get positive testimony from an ME, that testimony alone can win your case. A negative testimony will not likely be the only factor in your losing a case.

Vocational Experts

VE testimony can be the sole reason you lose your case. The main expertise of a VE is to place people with mental or physical limitations in jobs. This includes encouraging employers to accommodate people with disabilities. This is not relevant to the Social Security Administration (SSA) determination process. The SSA wants the VE to determine how ordinary jobs are performed in the economy and to be familiar with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which is outdated for normal VE job use.

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