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Our Disability Attorney Los Angeles Discusses Stage Agencies and Law Judges

Posted on :May 21, 2015Byjpadmin

Attorney at Desk Disability Attorney Los AngelesIf you elect to consult with a disability attorney Los Angeles, you are likely to be advised of differences that exist when it comes to decisions made regarding disability by governmental agencies and officials. Specifically, a disability attorney Los Angeles is apt to explain to you the differences between determinations made about a disability at a state agency as opposed to a decision ultimately made by an administrative law judge. Keep in mind that any determination regarding disability must be consistent with the medical evidence and records contained in the case file. This primary principle is applied by both a state agency and an administrative law judge in a particular disability claim case.

State Agency Determinations

When a state agency makes a determination regarding disability and your ability to work, the governmental official dealing with your case will only have a cold file to review. The decision maker does not have access to any other data and rarely considers much beyond the medical record of the case. This limitation on data naturally restricts a state agency decision maker from rendering more expansive determination in a disability case.

Administrative Law Judge Decisions

An administrative law judge is able to consider a greater amount of information about a claimed disability and whether or not you are able to maintain gainful employment because of that disability. In addition to the case file, an administrative law judge is able to consider testimony, including from you. The process before an administrative law judge permits an evaluation of the credibility of witnesses, including doctors and even you when you testify.

Distinctions Between State Agencies and Administrative Law Judges

Cases involving back impairments underscore the differences between decisions made by state agencies and by administrative law judges. In these cases, state agencies found a person with a back impairment disabled 11 percent of the time. On the other hand, administrative law judges – who collect more data – found disability 75 percent of the time. An experienced disability attorney Los Angeles can provide more detailed information about why this difference exists between a state agency and an administrative law judge.

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