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Our Disability Lawyers in Los Angeles Discuss Your Testimony

Posted on :April 30, 2015Byjpadmin

Disability Lawyers in Los Angeles If you have been injured or become ill to the point where you are no longer able to work, our disability lawyers in Los Angeles may be able to help you receive benefits. Your testimony is the most important aspect of a Social Security disability hearing, and it can make or break your claim for benefits. The most important thing to remember when filing for disability benefits and giving your testimony is to remain honest. Whenever the judge asks you a question, answer as directly and honestly as possible without trying to figure out any underlying motives behind the question. The easiest way to lose a case is to give the judge reason to believe that you are telling a lie. Equally important is never play-acting during your testimony. There is no reason to pretend to be in more pain than you actually are, but you should not pretend to be fine if you are feeling sick or in pain, either. In either case, you will only be damaging your claim. If at any point you require a break, you should always ask the judge for permission. It is perfectly acceptable to ask to stand up for a period of time if sitting becomes uncomfortable. Your Los Angeles disability attorney may be able to coach you through the testimony process.

Express Yourself

Your testimony is the best chance you will have to tell the judge everything you want her to know about why you are unable to hold a job. Most people think they should say as little as possible and volunteer no information, but your disability hearing is the time when you should express yourself respectfully and thoroughly. Provide facts about how your disability affects your daily life to help the judge understand why you are filing for benefits.

Give Accurate Dates

While judges prefer to have the most precise dates possible, you should never claim to remember more than you actually do. Even if you do not remember the exact date, you can still give a general timeline to the best of your ability and explain to the judge that you do not remember. It is better to be honest and vague than specific and wrong.

Areas of Testimony

During your disability hearing, the judge will ask about your work and medical history as well as your symptoms. She will also ask about your educations and your estimation of your current work limitations. Your daily activities and how they are affected by your disability will also be discussed.

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