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Getting a Second Opinion: How Your Doctor Can Help Your Claim

Posted on :March 24, 2016ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

When filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits, your Palmdale Social Security attorney might advise you that it would be a good idea to get a doctor’s opinion about your disability. Some doctors are willing to provide a written opinion attesting to their patient’s impairment.

What SSA Requires

Palmdale Social Security AttorneyIt is important that your doctor understand what the Social Security Administration is looking for. Your Palmdale Social Security attorney should explain to the doctor what to prepare. Generally, it is important to provide objective medical findings, because these findings determine what you are capable of doing.

However, your Palmdale Social Security lawyer will know that if your impairment is not found in the Listing of Impairments, there is more to the SSA’s decision than the medical findings. Sometimes the medical findings are incomplete or do not tell the whole story.

Your doctor might have questions for your Palmdale Social Security attorney about what to write regarding your work-related activities. Your doctor will probably ask you what you think you are capable of doing. Don’t lie, as your doctor will only write an opinion that is consistent with the medical findings and his own knowledge of your impairment.

You might expect that your doctor will simply write whatever you tell him to write, but your Palmdale Social Security lawyer will tell you this will not happen. It is up to your doctor’s professional judgment what to write about your disability.

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