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Hearing Setup and Best Practices

Posted on :December 16, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Sherman Oaks disability attorneysSherman Oaks disability attorneys understand that attending and participating in a Social Security disability benefits hearing can be scary for applicants. Thus, they will most likely explain what to expect and how to prepare beforehand.

The Room Layout at a Social Security Disability Benefits Hearing

Most hearing accommodations are very similar, so lawyers should be able to easily describe a basic room setup to clients. The typical hearing venue will probably include the following elements:

  • A conference table for applicants and their Sherman Oaks disability lawyers
  • A space for the hearing judge that may or may not be elevated above the conference table
  • An area for the judge’s aide, if necessary
  • Patriotic decorations

Sherman Oaks Disability Attorneys May Share Best Practices

Applicants’ mannerisms and behavior matter at Social Security disability benefits hearings, particularly because every hearing is recorded and documented. Sherman Oaks disability attorneys can expand upon these best practices for Social Security disability benefits hearings:

  • Applicants should speak loudly and enunciate when talking; the recording equipment present in the hearing venue does not record murmuring well.
  • When indicating a portion of the body, it is best for applicants to also verbally state which body part they are pointing to.
  • Clearly responding to a question in “yes/no” format is preferable to any other method of response.

A Lawyer Could Help You Prepare for a Hearing

Qualified Sherman Oaks disability attorneys like Janna Lowenstein might be able to help you prepare for your Social Security disability benefits hearing. Consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to call 800-954-7752 to discuss your case.

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