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Social Security Disability

Janna Lowenstein

Posted on :February 20, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Rosamond Social Security disability attorneyIf you are unable to work due to an injury or disability, you might have considered applying for disability. You might be hesitant because you think it’s difficult to obtain benefits, but Janna Lowenstein is a Rosamond Social Security disability attorney who can help you with your claim.

How Social Security Determines Individual Eligibility

The Social Security Administration considers a number of factors when looking at a person’s application for SSD. They will review job history, physical ability, mental health, age and education. However, this process is complicated, and a decision isn’t always easy to understand. The SSA will use five steps to determine if a person qualifies for disability. First, they assess a person’s ability to maintain gainful employment. Second, they review the person’s physical and mental health as determined by a physician. Next, they look at a qualified list of impairments to see if the person’s disability is on the list and if the disability will last for more than a year. Fourth, they look at previous work the person has done. Finally, they consider if a person could find other gainful employment. Age is a main consideration in the last step, so the older a person is, the more likely that the SSA will rule that they have a disability.

How a Rosamond Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You

The appeals process can be draining and time-consuming, and incomplete paperwork can cause delays in the acceptance of a claim. Even if you have been denied, you should talk to a Rosamond Social Security disability lawyer who can appeal your case.

Your Rosamond Social Security disability attorney can further elaborate on each of these steps for you. Contact the office of Janna Lowenstein at 800-954-7752 for help with your disability claim.

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