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Lifespan of a Disability Benefits Case

Posted on :December 20, 2014ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Social Security disability benefits cases frequently span a significant amount of time. A Sheman Oaks Social Security lawyer will do everything in his or her power to keep a case moving forward and inform his or her client about the case’s status.

Getting a Hearing Date

A Sheman Oaks Social Security lawyer is usually the point of contact for setting up a hearing. The process involves several steps of communication:

  1. After receiving a hearing request, a judge’s aide contacts the applicant’s lawyer with a proposed hearing date.
  2. The attorney settles the date and sends a notification letter to his or her client.
  3. The applicant also receives a Notice of Hearing from officials.

An experienced Sheman Oaks Social Security attorney knows that merely receiving a hearing decision can take anywhere from one year to approximately 18 months from the initial hearing request.

Typical Timeline of a Social Security Disability Benefits Case

A Sheman Oaks Social Security lawyer can explain that even if they receive a favorable ruling from a judge, applicants may not receive benefits immediately. Applicants should be aware that:

  • They could wait several months to begin collecting benefits.
  • It might also take approximately six months for all back benefits to be reimbursed.

An Expert Could Keep Your Case on Track

Although a Sheman Oaks Social Security lawyer may not be able to speed up your case’s timeline, he or she could keep your case on track and moving forward. Call Janna Lowenstein now at 800-954-7752 and get an accomplished lawyer on your side.

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