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A Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney Explains Medical Impairments

Posted on :July 1, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney A Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can explain that, because there are many jobs that only require unskilled work, many claimants with mental disorders are denied Social Security disability benefits. This holds true so long as the claimant can perform at least unskilled work. However, an attorney can explain that there are several exceptions.

Limited Education

For example, a Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can point out that individuals who have a limited education may be awarded benefits.


A Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can explain that, as a claimant gets older, it is easier for him or her to be awarded benefits. Individuals who are near retirement age who have mental disorders may be awarded benefits over someone younger with the same mental disorder.

Past Work

Another exception that your disability attorney can point out is a lifelong history of unskilled work that that the claimant is no longer capable of performing.

Marked Impairment

The general standard to be awarded disability benefits in this scenario is that the individual has a marked impairment in the abilities that are required for unskilled work. These individuals may be awarded benefits even if they do not have a physical impairment. While unskilled work does not require much judgment from the employee, the Social Security Administration recognizes those impairments that can affect a person’s ability to meet work-related activities during a typical work week. These activities include the following:

• Understanding, remembering and completing simple instructions;
• Making simple work-related decisions;
• Responding properly to others in the work environment; and
• Handling changes on the job.

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