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Questions About Your Medical History at the Hearing  

Posted on :August 24, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Palmdale Social Security disability lawyerA knowledgeable Los Angeles disability attorney will thoroughly prepare you to answer questions regarding your medical history and other topics at the SSD hearing.

The judge at the hearing has already obtained medical records from doctors, hospitals and other treating sources. If these records are self-explanatory, then the judge may not ask many questions about your medical history, if at all. Your Los Angeles disability attorney is responsible for ensuring that all the relevant medical records are included in the hearing exhibit file. He must also include letters from doctors that shed light on your medical condition and limitation, if necessary.

Information the Judge May Require from You

The judge will likely ask you to provide only basic information about your medical history, such as:

a. How often you see your doctor
b. The type of treatment you receive from your doctors
c. The dosage, frequency and effectiveness of the medications you take
d. Any side effects from medication
e. The description of your symptoms and what treatment you received when it first surfaced
f. The names of doctors who treated your symptoms and where you were hospitalized

You Are Not Expected to Offer Technical Opinions

The judge will not expect you to explain medical details that are overly technical or complex. Even if a doctor explained certain technical aspects of your condition or you personally researched the subject, don’t try to explain it to the judge unless he asked you to do so. Never bring up these details without clearing it with your Los Angeles disability lawyer first. If the judge does ask you about what your doctor informed you about your condition or limitations, simply quote the doctor in his own words as accurately as possible.

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