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SSD 05J Blog – Doctor’s Opinion – Medical-Vocational Rules, Drugs & Alcohol

Posted on :February 12, 2016ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

A Lancaster Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Medical-Vocational Rules

In this blog, an experienced Lancaster Social Security disability attorney explains how the Social Security Administration finds you disabled under the Medical-Vocational rules.

Residual Functional Capacity
This establishes the parameters for what a person can do regardless of the extent of his injuries or impairments. Once this is established, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, examines the types of work you have done over the past fifteen years and compares the activities required to your RFC results. If your residual functional capacity prevents you from doing your past work, the SSA will examine the Dictionary of Occupational Titles for a type of work whether light, sedentary or medium, in order to determine exactly what kind of job might be within your capabilities. The person responsible for making the final determination will then consult a chart that lists your age, level of education and employment experience and RFC in order to establish whether you will or will not be declared disabled.

Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

Alcoholism and drug addiction are relevant if they dramatically impact your overall health and ability to work. If after years of heavy use of alcohol you have developed cirrhosis of the liver and are unable to meet the demands of a job then the alcohol, despite the fact that it is the reason for your illness, is not material. The probability is that you would be declared disabled.

Were your condition to reverse itself if you stopped using alcohol or drugs, then use of the substance would be considered material. The restoration of your capacity for meeting the demands of a job would be the deciding factor. Once you were declared able to work you would no longer receive disability benefits.

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