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SSD Benefits and Workers’ Compensation

Posted on :November 18, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyerYou might wonder if other income will affect the amount of Social Security disability benefits that you receive. Complex laws govern the oversight of disability benefits, so talk to our Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer for help with your case.

Other Income That May Affect Your Benefits

Government or public benefits, such as workers’ compensation, could lower the amount of your SSD benefits. Workers’ compensation is paid when someone becomes sick or is injured due to work-related factors. Other government disability benefits, such as temporary disability from the state, could also limit your SSD award. However, not all public benefits will impact your payments. You can still receive SSI benefits, Veterans’ Administration benefits and some other government benefits. In addition, your disability will not be affected due to private income, such as insurance payments. Our Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can clarify if any benefits you are receiving might limit your SSD benefits.

Calculating the Amount of a Reduction

The government uses a specific formula to determine how much your benefits will be reduced. They add up the SSD benefits and the workers’ compensation benefits. If that total is more than 80 percent of your prior average earnings, they will reduce your SSD by that amount. The SSA might determine your average current earnings using one of three formulas. First, they might use an average of all your monthly earnings. Second, they might use your average monthly earnings during the five consecutive years when you earned the most money. Third, they might average the earnings from your highest-paid year in the past five years. Generally, they use the last option. Your lawyer can further explain which formula will apply in your case.

Minimizing the Reduction

The SSA permits you to minimize the impact of this reduction. Our Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can help you find exemptions that might apply to you.

For help in understanding how benefits will affect your SSD income, call our Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer. You can reach Janna Lowenstein at 800-954-7752 for more information.


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