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What to expect from a Social Security hearing

Posted on :January 21, 2016ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

There is not much information regarding what to expect from a Social Security hearing available within the Social Security regulations. According to the regulations, an administrative law judge will examine witnesses, questions and issues. In addition, the ALJ will accept any documents that are relevant to the case as evidence. An Antelope Valley Social Security Disability attorney may help a claimant to determine which evidence might be pertinent to the case.

<strong>Evidence in a Social Security Hearing</strong>

An ALJ might accept evidence at a Social Security hearing. The ALJ might receive evidence that could not be considered admissible according to the court’s rules of evidence.

<strong>Witnesses in a Social Security Hearing</strong>

The ALJ might choose the order in which evidence, witness testimony and other issues will be addressed. Witnesses will be placed under oath before they provide testimony. The ALJ may ask the witnesses questions and allow the claimant and his or her lawyer to ask the witness questions. An Antelope Valley Social Security Disability lawyer might help witnesses to prepare for an upcoming hearing.

Each ALJ has a particular method for conducting a Social Security hearing. In addition, an ALJ may use a different procedure for a claimant who is representing him or herself than for a claimant who is being represented by an Antelope Valley Social Security Disability attorney.

For instance, there may be a vast difference between the content and length of opening statements may differ widely between different ALJs. Additionally, some ALJs may allow witnesses to remain in the hearing while a claimant testifies while others ask witnesses to say in another room. There may also be differences in how much an ALJ will question witnesses or the order in which the ALJ, the claimant’s lawyer or the claimant may question witnesses.

While there will be some differences in the way different ALJs conduct Social Security hearings, there will be broad similarities because all ALJs must follow the procedures outlined in HALLEX, which is a manual provided by the Social Security Administration.

An Antelope Valley social security disability attorney may help a claimant prepare for an upcoming Social Security hearing. Janna Lowenstein is a lawyer with a background in Social Security Disability cases and can be reached at 800-954-7752.

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