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Your Los Angeles Disability Attorney Explains Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Posted on :December 27, 2014ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers


Los Angeles disability attorneyInflammatory bowel disease is the term used to describe the most serious digestive impairments seen frequently in disability hearings. Your Los Angeles disability attorney wants you to understand what it means to have an impairment of this kind and why these claims are often denied initially.

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
If you come to your Los Angeles disability lawyer with symptoms such as diarrhea, incontinence, abdominal pain and rectal bleeding, it is likely you have a type of inflammatory bowel disease. Some other associated symptoms include fever, vomiting, inflamed bowel and malnutrition. As a result of these symptoms, claimants often report having to miss work and other important activities.

Your Los Angeles Disability Attorney on the Denial of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Claims
Since disability claims are generally proven through the existence of objective symptoms, claims that rely on subjective symptoms, such as those associated with inflammatory bowel disease, are often unsuccessful. Thankfully, these claims see more success at the hearing level, so your Los Angeles disability lawyer will advise you to appeal if your claim is initially denied.

Moving Forward with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Disability Claim
If the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease have limited your ability to enjoy your life, it is important for you to take steps to receive disability benefits. An experienced Los Angeles disability attorney like Janna Lowenstein can help you move forward with your claim. Call her offices today at 800-954-7752 to get started.

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