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Your LA Disability Lawyer on the Importance of Consistency

Posted on :February 13, 2015ByLowenstein Disability Lawyers

LA disability lawyerTo be seen as credible, the judge will expect for your statements about your symptoms to have remained consistent. Below, your LA disability lawyer has described some of the factors the judge will use to assess your credibility.

Your LA Disability Lawyer on Medical Record Consistency
The judge will examine your medical record for medical history, exam and treatment information and results of any tests given. It will be problematic if the information contained in your file differs from the way you’ve described your impairment and symptoms.

Your LA Disability Attorney on Consistency of Your Own Statements
There will be ample evidence on statements you’ve made in the past regarding your impairment, so it is important not to waver in your description of your symptoms. The judge, of course, will be aware that symptoms may change over time but large fluctuations in your description will seem suspicious.

Your LA Disability Attorney on Consistency in the Case Record
The judge will have access to your case recording containing statements made by others about your daily activities and limitations. If you fail to be truthful with the judge about things like your work efforts, he will assume you are not credible.

Preparation With Your Attorney
While consistency begins with truthfulness, it is not always easy to remember precisely how you felt in the past. Your LA disability lawyer can help you prepare. Call Janna Lowenstein today at 800-954-7752 for more information.

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